ATEG, Bio-Friendly, and the Church


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ATEG, Bio-Friendly, and the Church
Author: Tenyaka

Interesting what gets dropped in your lap from time to time.

As the Faithful Reader may already know, there is a company called the American Technologies Group, also known as ATG or ATEG, due to stock-naming conventions. As the Reader may also be aware, there are grave suspicions concerning the efficacy of products they sell utilizing Ie crystals or structured water, alleged without proof to have all sorts of remarkable properties.

The Reader may also recall the ouster of a snapperhead by the name of Erwin Annau, founder of Tradenet Marketing, and also a declared Suppressive Person, as well as other events, including the unsatisfactory conclusion of the business relationship between ATEG and Tradenet, involving alleged "out-ethics situations" and other such badinage.

Michael Kobrin, yes that is Helena's husband, Steven Hayes, and Lynn Irons of the Church of Scientology are also alleged to have extensive insider knowledge on the strange and terrible saga of Tradenet, ATEG and a remarkable new entry to the stew, a company by the name of Bio-Friendly, which has some old ATEG faces, including the inscrutable Dr. Shui-Yin Lo.

Now ATEG is suing Bio-Friendly for an injunction demanding that they cease claiming to have developed The Force Might-Tron or other proprietary ATEG technologies.

If you aren't following this so far, do a bit of homework and check Dr. David S. Touretzky's excellent web page on this tangled web of deceit, fraud and bogus technologies at

Because here, Faithful Reader, the plot takes a new twist.

Of counsel for Bio-Friendly in this case over badly-named products is one Michael Stoller.

Michael Stoller is an old-time Scientologist and Scientology lawyer involved in many nefarious doings, and is the registered agent for WISE, the World Association of Hubbard Enterprises, and the Hubbard College of Administration. He is also connected with Gottfried Helnwein in some manner, and most intriguing, he is listed as counsel for a real party in interest, unnamed, in the Raul Lopez litigation.

Knowledgable ATEG insiders have speculated that the purpose of the lawsuit is not to win, but to transfer the ATEG scam over to Bio-Friendly without an obvious Scientology connection. If so, they picked the wrong lawyer for the job. One suspects that some fascinating data might be unveiled by a thorough examination of this issue.

Sweet dreams, counsellor.


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