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Scientology Swindles!

Lopez case update
Author: Rod Keller

The case of Raul Lopez against Scientology is still going on. The case involves Scientology draining a brain damaged man of over a million dollars, including a scam with a dead ostrich. The latest is that Dan Leipold got $1,000 in sanctions against the Celebrity Center International and the Mission of Buenaventura, plus the expert witness costs that were the subject of the sanction. Scientology deposed the Psychiatrist who was hired to determine if Raul is brain damaged, but refused to pay his expert witness fee of $2,500. So the total award is $3,500.

I'm told that Scientology has asked for over $80,000 so far in sanctions against Dan Leipold, with no success so far. Now that they have the first sanction against Scientology, the second, third or fourth sanctions will be much easier to get.

The next step in the case is a ruling on Scientology's motion for summary adjudication because they're a "religion." I haven't seen the documents, but this sounds like the argument that was rejected in the Lisa McPherson case. http://parishioner.org/abuse/mccabe.html

Background on the Lopez case is at http://parishioner.org/lopez

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