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Author: barb

I've been told that the cult was spotted at the Kobey Swap Meet here, with their "See A Thought" signs, e-meters, and books for sale.

Raul Lopez was suckered into the cult at just such a swap meet booth. For those of you who don't know, Raul Lopez was in a head-on collision in 1985, and suffered permanent brain damage as a result, leaving him unable to care for himself. He received a $2.5 million dollar settlement.

The clams assured him that he could be cured of his disabilities through Dianetics and Scientology, so he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on courses and materials. Worse, he was approached by several Scientology scam artists who talked him into investing in various projects to the tune of hundreds of thousands more! All totalled, he was bilked out of $700,000 to $1,000,000 during his association with Scientology and Scientologists. Available information indicates that he is now in litigation with the "church" and individuals to try to recover some of his money.

I think the Kobey management needs to be made aware of this. A check of their bylaws suggests that, if they knew what they were allowing into the swap meet, they may be opposed to it. Below are the relevent rules:

Moreover, the background provided on the daughter of the founder and current head honcho suggests that the Kobey family has a sense of community and social responsibility. Were they to be made aware of the cult's true nature, I doubt very seriously that they would allow patrons to be exposed to this egregious scam!

Kimberly Kobey-Pretto, who ran the day-to-day operations of the business before Kobey became ill and took over even more responsibilities when her father's health declined, is now President of The Kobey Corporation.

Under Kim's management, which in 1995 exceeded her illustrious father's tenure, the swap meet has attracted record numbers of shoppers and sellers -- and has solidified its reputation as a clean, family-style operation.

In recognition of Kim's achievements, the U.S.-Mexico Foundation named her Entrepreneur of the Year in 1992.

In addition to her leadership of the family business, Kim is active in numerous civic and charitable organizations, including Partnerships in Education and the Young Presidents Organization. A sponsor of the American Cancer Society and the Crime Victim's Fund, she also works on behalf of the Monte Kobey AIDS Fellowship.

Additionally, Kim's husband, Charles Pretto, is corporate counsel and business development manager. Kara Kobey, Monte's eldest daughter, is involved with a variety of civic projects benefiting the San Diego community, such as work with The American Cancer Society.

Kobey's widow, Charlotte, is a member of the corporation's board of directors, and has chaired the Monte Kobey AIDS Fellowship Endowment Committee, which raises funds for AIDS research and treatment at UCSD Medical Center's Owen Clinic.

I suggest that we engage in a letter writing campaign protesting Scientology's presence at the swap meet. Naturally the buggers promoted their "better world, no crime, stop drug abuse humanitarian" nonsense. You all know what to emphasize in your complaints. I intend to make up a packet containing the Time magazine article, information on the potentially damaging Purif Rundown, and the Lopez court papers.

The office mailing address is: 3350 Sports Arena Blvd., Suite K, San Diego CA 92110-4531.

Thank you! Now sic 'em, boyz n' grrlz! -- barb


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